sprinkler head in Malaysia

Choosing the Best Sprinkler Heads for Your Yard.

Many different types of plants make up your landscape design. And various plants require quite varied irrigation systems in order to receive the right amount of water. Water Use Intensity may be maximized by matching the proper type of sprinkler head to certain groupings of plant types. T

his ideal combination also prevents overwatering, which can harm your plants, as well as unnecessary runoff. According to recent studies, homeowners may save 50-70 percent on their water cost just by installing the appropriate sprinkler heads in various zones of their landscaping.

sprinkler head in Malaysia

sprinkler head in Malaysia

Spray Irrigation Heads and Spray Rotary Sprinkler Heads, Bubbler Irrigation Heads, and Drip or Soaker Systems are the three most common sprinkler head kinds.

Each sprinkler head will hydrate your plants in the manner that they like. The size of your lawn, as well as the water pressure at which your irrigation system runs, will determine which sprinkler system design is best for your grass.

Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

These sprinkler heads are ideal for small to medium-sized lawns since they uniformly disperse water. Spray head sprinklers should be set no more than 15 feet apart, with overlapping for full coverage, if your water pressure is between 20 and 30 PSI. Spray heads that are more than 15 feet apart can cause dry areas on your lawn.

Spray irrigation heads spray a thin, misty spray that may be pushed away, displacing a large amount of water quickly. This can reduce irrigation effectiveness, so if you live in a windy location, this may not be the best option.

Sprinkler heads that rotate.

These sprinkler heads work best on medium to large lawns with an irrigation system that delivers a PSI of at least 30. The space between each rotary head should be smaller than the PSI that each one receives. Rotary heads are ideal for slow-draining soils and slopes because they provide water in a stream rather than a fine mist, as do spray heads. This means no spray drifting in the wind, less runoff, and less water waste.

Irrigation using bubblers.

This method of irrigation distributes a large amount of water quickly, allowing it to collect in narrow areas around shrubs and trees, as well as in-ground cover. Lawns are not watered with bubblers.

Should you hire a professional or do it yourself?

It might be tempting to install your sprinkler system yourself if you’re on a low budget or prefer to do things on your own time.


If you want to use an above-ground sprinkler system, all you have to do is attach the sprinkler head to a garden hose that’s linked to an outside faucet. To make things easier, look for a reliable sprinkler head in Malaysia, contact Unitrade. Another alternative is to run poly tubing down the side of your home, or perhaps partially underground. To attach the tubing to the spigot, you’ll need poly tubing, a compression adaptor, and tubing staples. Drip irrigation is also simple to set up, however, there are a few additional procedures involved.