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Why Start a Blog?

Whatever your explanations behind beginning to create a blog, there are a lot of advantages you probably won’t understand!

Here are only a couple of motivations to begin a blog:
1. Make cash on the web: We’re beginning with the best reason first! A blog can possibly profit each month through different strategies. You can procure cash through running promotions, selling your own items and administrations, suggesting different organizations with partner advertising, and the sky is the limit from there.

2. Build a crowd of people: Let’s say that you are going to dispatch an item or a book soon, and you need to assemble some buzz before the dispatch. A blog is an ideal approach to get the message out.

3. Attract focused on leads: Maybe you as of now have a business and need to produce leads and get more clients. Distributing crisp substance to a blog is the ideal approach to do that.

4. Express yourself as an author: Blogging improves your composition abilities. You can share your accounts, support individuals, and assemble a network through your sites.

Would I be able to Start a Blog for Free?

The short answer is true; you can begin a blog for nothing.

Be that as it may, as enticing as it might sound, picking the free alternative is loaded with dangers and restrictions. Our recommendation is to stay away from the free blogging stages.

A free choice may be a smart thought on the off chance that you simply need to begin a fundamental blog as a diversion and couldn’t care less about profiting from it.

On the off chance that you mean to begin a business, assemble your image notoriety, or add further developed highlights to your blog, at that point the free alternative won’t do well for you on account of its numerous impediments.

Free Blogging Platforms and Why They Are a Bad Idea

Before you start escaping, let me further clarify why blogging with a free stage is poorly conceived notion.

  • They have a lot of limitations like constrained stockpiling, highlights, and plan customization.
  • Your blog can be brought down whenever on the off chance that you damage their terms of administration.
  • They don’t have any client assistance on the off chance that you need assistance beginning or have specialized issues.
  • Your blog will have promotions, which can be upsetting for your perusers and look amateurish.

Pursuing a free blog is useful for trying things out, yet on the off chance that you truly need to scale your blog, at that point, you’ll require a premium blogging webpage.

Furthermore, to be completely forthright, beginning a blog doesn’t cost much. It can cost you under $10 every month on the off chance that you adhere to our guideline’s underneath! So, give it a shot and kick your blog off the correct way.
In only ten stages and under 30 minutes, your blog will be ready for action. The main another thing you need from yourself is responsibility, like the beginning, a blog is simple; however, running it requires devotion and exertion.

Stage 1: Pick a Blog Topic

(Definitely, know what your blog will be about? Simply click here to jump to the following stage, picking your blogging stage.)

Not certain what you should blog about?

There are two ways to deal with picking a specialty or point for your blog:
1. You should pick a subject that you are energetic about or,
2. You can search for a point that individuals are hoping to peruse on.

Obviously, it’s ideal in the event that you can discover a point that fits both! In any case, on the off chance that you need to pick out of the two, the best approach as we would see it is to blog about a theme that many individuals need to find out about.
On the off chance that you pick a subject that individuals are scanning for, at that point, you’ll have a decent shot of getting a great deal of traffic to your blog.

When you start getting more traffic, you would then be able to adapt your blog to procure cash. We’ll get to the adaptation part in the later segment.

Do You Need to Be an Expert on the Topic?

Many individuals will likewise disclose to you that you should be a specialist to blog on the subject you have picked. That is not really obvious! You just need a genuine enthusiasm for the theme you have picked, and after that, you can find out about it as you go.

Instructions to Know If Your Blog Topic Is Popular

The following request of business is to discover the inquiry volume of your subject. What is search volume? It just alludes to the number of individuals who are looking for your point and related themes, with online web crawlers like Google.
To see whether your subject merits blogging about, ask yourself:

  • Are there different online journals on your subject?
  • Are there any prominent online journals that have in excess of 10,000 supporters?
  • Are there any well-known Facebook bunches on your point?
  • Are there prevalent books on your theme?
  • Are there inquiries on Quora or different gatherings on your theme, that have a decent number of perspectives and answers?

In the event that a large portion of the responses to the inquiries above is “yes,” at that point, you’re progressing nicely! That implies that there are a decent number of individuals out there who are keen on finding out about that theme.

You can likewise go to Google Trends to check the general pattern of your theme. For instance, investigate this screen capture:
You’ll see that the pattern of the hunt term “magnificence” is as yet going up, which means it gets looked through a great deal. This implies this pursuit term has the capability of presenting to you a ton of traffic.

Just to kick you off conceptualizing, here are some prevalent themes for blogging:
1. Marketing
2. Pets
3. Fishing
4. Travel
5. Beauty
6. Food
7. Technology
8. Health and wellness
9. Sports
10. Business and cash
11. Weddings
Since you have picked your subject, we should proceed onward to the following stage.

Stage 2: Choose the Best Blogging Platform

Picking the best blogging stage can be precarious. Many individuals commit errors with regards to picking the privilege blogging stage.

We have secured a different guide on the best way to pick the best blogging stage to enable you to abstain from committing that error.

Presently for the inquiry, which blogging stage would it be advisable for you to pick?

Why? Since it’s the most famous blogging stage on the planet, and it’s likewise free.

WordPress, as of now, controls 33.4% of the web! That is 33% of the web itself.

WordPress right now holds over 60% of the piece of the overall industry and is being utilized by brands like BBC, Wired, Time Magazine, and the New York Post.

With WordPress, you can introduce modules of your decision, and you can modify your website at any rate you need. It gives you an opportunity that no other blogging stage does.

The WordPress programming itself is free, yet since it’s a self-hosted stage, you’ll need to pay for the hosting and domain name – more on that underneath.

In case you’re prepared to begin with WordPress now, you can click here and track within the following stage:
Since we’re finished with this progression how about, we proceed onward to the following.

Stage 3: Set Up Your WordPress Website

Like we referenced above, you can’t begin your blog without hosting and a domain name.

What is hosting and domain names?

  • Web hosting is the place your website lives, similar to your website’s home on the web. This is the place all your website documents are put away. Each website needs web hosting – without it, you won’t probably take your blog live.
  • A domain name is the location of your website. Users type it on their programs to get to your website. For instance, our domain name is

For hosting and domain name enrollment, we exceptionally prescribe Bluehost. Which as we would like to think is the best hosting for WordPress.