Some of the Best Super Affiliate Sites that You Should Emulate Your Platform on

If you want to succeed in everything that you do, you must pattern yourself to the people who have done that before you.
Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time now and there are now websites that are deemed to be the best of the best.

You see, a lot of people seem to think that product reviews, in itself, is the way to go. Sure, they are quite useful and sure, they can help generate a lot of organic traffic. But, one thing that you may not know about a generic product review is that people can see fake from a mile away.

They know exactly if the website was borne out of making money and not as a means of genuinely helping people with their pain points.
Today, I want to change all that. I will provide you with some of the best super affiliate websites that you should emulate your platform on to help you achieve nearly (or better) the same success as they did. Without further ado, let’s get started.


When you visit this website, you might think that this is actually a legitimate business website mainly because the content is well-written. Well, it is actually an affiliate site still, albeit the authors took extra care to ensure that quality remains consistent across the board.

This website mainly focuses on personal financing and helping people choose the right insurance programs, credit cards, and other investment opportunities.

Their web design is simple but it still looks quite good, especially since they want their content to remain front and center.


This affiliate site was founded in 2001 by 3 university graduate students. Its sole focus is to provide people with content that will help them know how to look for the best travel deals online.

Their success was so massive that a Chinese company, Ctrip, acquired the site for a whopping $1.9 billion.
The site still exists today and one main takeaway is that despite their acquisition by a prominent travel company, their content remains the same regardless; their focus never wavered.

PC Part Picker

PC Rig enthusiasts will surely know the site just by its name. PC Part Picker is an affiliate site that provides meaningful content for people that want to buy the best PC components at the best prices possible. But, it doesn’t go about promoting certain products, but rather their focus is providing their customers with utilities that can help them create their dream PCs.
The main takeaway here is that their focus is mainly on their audience and how they can best improve their services for the betterment of their customers’ lives.

Consumer Search

There is a reason why product review articles are quite popular and that is because it helps people make that informed buying decision.
Consumer Search focuses on product reviews and the platform has created numerous articles that are well-written and informative- important things to keep in mind when you want to create product reviews.

I want you to look at some of their articles. You will find that their tone is not about selling a product but rather how a certain product can be utilized in such a way that it will provide a lot of benefits to the user. Always keep this in mind.