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The Possible Reasons Your Man is Not Texting You.

It’s normal for a girl to worry when the guy she is dating is not contacting her anymore for a week or more. Especially if this is not the usual situation, she might start to wonder if the guy is ghosting her or maybe there is a valid reason. 

Are you in the same situation? If ever you will be put in the same situation, below are some of the most possible reasons:

  • There is a good reason he is not interested in you anymore. It could be that he can’t tell it to your face and thus, he just ghosts you. The thing is, even if he is into you at the beginning, there are really times when a man’s interest wanes. You are not just lucky to end up with such a kind of man. 
  • There is another girl already and as what is mentioned above, he cannot afford to tell you in person. He just assumes that if he is suddenly not available, you will understand. This may hurt, but it is best to just accept this, or you will look piteous running after a man who is not interested in you anymore. 
  • It could also be that he is too busy and that is why he was not able to text you. Yes, you are important but there are times when you need to be set aside for something more important and maybe, he thinks that if he starts texting you, you will start asking questions. 


The thing is, you also need to understand at times. Besides, if the reason he is not texting is because he does not like you anymore, or he likes someone new, it is still better to just stay still, at least to preserve your pride. After all, you are still a woman and thus, you should be the one on the receiving side. You should not be too advanced as sometimes, a man will not like that and will even find you burdensome. 


The best thing to do when he is not texting you anymore or for a week is to wait or it is really up to you if you can’t wait. But I think a week is too short to make a big decision. But of course, once he tries to text you again, you should ask for an explanation. You should also make him feel that what he did is not right since both of you are in a relationship. He should also respect that relationship and will let you know if something eventful is causing him to not text you for a week. 


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