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What Are the Effects of Gambling on Sports?

There are many forms of gambling and one of the most popular ones today is online sports betting. That being said, the premise of this type of gambling is that you select your favorite sports and bet on your favorite team or player and once the conditions are met, you are going to win money.

Ever since sports betting was a thing, many major sports associations and leagues are trying to throw some games on purpose. For those of you who do not know, ‘throwing games’ as it is called is where a team purposefully loses the game in favor for the other team. They can get a cut of the money in the process.

There are many instances where this had happened. In the NFL, for example, many fans and players suspect that there are some referees that purposefully make poor calls and make fallacious penalties in favor of one team.

In the NCAA, points shaving was a thing at Boston College in 1978. It involved star players Rick Kuhn, Henry Hill, and Brothers Rocco and Tony Perla.

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Turmoil in Horse Racing

Gambling also has ill effects in the sport of horse racing. It is believed that there are some jockeys that will purposefully affect their horse’s gait to change the outcome of the race. You see, horses are pre-programmed to run in a certain way. It is almost instinctual. However, the jockey can do things that will alter the way the horse runs, thus affecting the ground that they will cover since their gait has changed considerably.

In an attempt to foil this from ever happening, horse race betting schemes are handled in a different way. Now, the bookies’ identities are not known to the public and those that are permitted to join in would be quite small. The vetting process has also become quite stringent as well.

Students Are Vulnerable

Look, a college education is expensive. Normally, students would have to take out student loans just to finish their education. But another way is for students to go to their respective colleges’ sports teams and become a scholar.

That is why they are so vulnerable to points shaving and gambling schemes. Steven Smith, the notorious Arizona State University Student, was reported to be given a total of $80,000 just to throw four games.

According to various studies, college students have become the main targets of these schemes simply because of the price of college education and the fact that it is hard to get sufficient funding through other means.

What is Gambling’s Effect on Society?

Although sports gambling is illegal in the United States, it is quite legal in other places, including the UK. That being said, any person with enough money can start betting on their favorite sports, which makes it quite appealing for people to throw games because of the money that is involved in such schemes.

So, what does the future hold when it comes to sports betting? Well, there is some good and bad news. The bad news is that I think throwing games and score shaving will still remain in the foreseeable future. The good news is that different sports leagues are doing the best they can to thwart any of these efforts.