Why is Architecture So Important in Our Society Today?

Why is Architecture So Important in Our Society Today?

When you think about architecture, you will usually think about architects designing buildings and overseeing the operations. Although that is indeed architecture in motion, that is actually just a small piece of the entire pie.

By and large, architecture is important to our society today simply because it pretty much provides the physical environment in which we live.

On a deeper level, however, it provides a certain expression of human civilization that is found at fixed points in time. A monument that was created in the 1900s could potentially live on to this day if it is well-built and preserved. You could say that these things are timeless.

Architecture companies in Malaysia, for example, helps create many of the amazing structures that we see today.

According to G. K. Chesterton

architecture is an expression and it also highlights the true strength of a community because the things that humans value the most are those that are permanent and irrevocable.

Unlike a painting that can be erased when it comes into contact some of nature’s elements, the structures that architects make can actually stand the test of time and the rigors of the elements.

It is safe to assume that architecture is a somewhat permanent expression of how a society, as a whole, would see itself and how it views its immediate environment and how it can serve as a time capsule of human history and of human thought and expression. In other words, it can be deemed as a powerful reflection of human culture.

Architecture consists of two halves- it is part science and part art. As a science, architects can make use of logical concepts to respond to society’s functional needs, while also ensuring that modern technology is built into the structure’s design.

In addition, it is also considered an art in and of itself as it helps provide an outlet for creative expression that would help lead society to look at their overall environment and their immediate living space in more ways than one.

The world’s population, in general, is growing at a fast rate and it is also urbanizing as well. As societies growth accelerates, architecture will play a crucial role when it comes to creating a sustainable living space.