Different Ways to Add Security to Your Dedicated Server

1. Back up all data regularly.

If you are not yet familiar with backup data processes, read web hosting reviews. Remember, even if you take lots of security precautions, you will still remain prone to security vulnerabilities. It’s always a better idea to have backup plans. That way, if something happens to your website, you can restore it instantly.

2. Use a managed server.

Handling tons of security responsibilities can be overwhelming and difficult. The best solution for this is to settle for a managed server. With this, you can have your very own administrator who can handle the crucial aspects of security.

3. Keep every element up-to-date.

Check security updates regularly. This must be accomplished manually every week. Never depend on your software for updates. You need to be proactive, and reduce your all your chances of falling victim to an attack.

4. Only utilize trusted networks.

When signing in to your web hosting account using your credentials, you need to make sure that you are on a trusted network. Avoid logging in this hosting account when using public wireless networks and other unsecured networks.

5. Settle for DDoS protection.

DDoS attacks are, no doubt, very common. Make sure to have protection against this in your dedicated web hosting account. This way, you will get protection against attacks that can bring the server down through illegitimate traffic flooding.