Men’s Anxiety About Performance During Sex

Stress over sex can lead to anxiety about performance. In turn, this can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED), which is difficult to get or maintain an erection.

Sexual Performance and Erectile Dysfunction

Several basic ways of coping can help men with performance-related anxiety based ED.

Anxiety for performance and ED can be related in a number of ways. Stress and anxiety over sexual performance or satisfying a partner may induce male and female sexual dysfunction. It may lead to a downward spiral of feeling insecure or unable when these personal sexual expectations are not met. These feelings of insufficiency and low self-esteem in men can turn into physical symptoms, such as ED.


Anxiety over sexual performance is typically caused by negative thoughts about one’s capacity during sexual activity to perform well. This may include thoughts of physical inadequacy or a partner’s failure to satisfy.

Such emotions can be affected by the appearance of the body, the size of the penis, or the sense of manhood or the position of a man. Less abstract negative thoughts about one’s life can also lead to anxiety about success.

Dealing with stress at work, home, or money can also affect the mental state of a man and lead to insecurity about success.


Anxiety over success affects everyone differently, as everyone reacts in different ways to stress and anxiety. This may produce different effects in the body, such as premature ejaculation, failure to climax, or lack of sex desire.

ED’s physical symptoms include trouble getting or maintaining an erection and may also result in a loss of sexual desire.

What You Can Do?

There are many ideas that can help people cope with anxiety and ED success and encourage them to have positive sexual experiences.

Take time on senses

Most men with fear about success often revisit their past sexual shortcomings. We can constantly worry about what we think of their sexual partner or how they will be viewed during sexual activity. Instead, a tip to deal with this is to focus the mind on the senses.

It can help a man focus on sensory experience during sexual activity rather than analyzing the event.

Focusing on what the hands look or what the eyes see can help block a man’s success anxious thoughts. The use of scented candles or romantic music could also contribute to the sensory experience and reduce the anxiety of an individual.


Studies indicated that little or no physical exercise was associated with symptoms of ED. A few days a week, a quick 20-30-minute exercise routine can also decrease stress levels.

Including general exercise, symptoms may also be improved by specific exercises. Pelvic exercises such as Kegel exercises, can help reinforce the muscle that pumps blood to the penis during erection. A man will execute a Kegel exercise by clenching the muscles used to block the urine stream.

Others methods

Many approaches. In combat performance anxiety and ED, many other strategies are used. These include things like:

It can also help a man to be open about their performance anxiety with any sexual partners. This can reduce stress and help their friend find solutions to ease their fear.

When to Consult a Physician

While taking personal steps to help performance anxiety and ED can help many men, there are some opportunities for a doctor to get involved.

Anyone who continues to experience performance anxiety after taking steps to alleviate symptoms may want to talk to a doctor about their levels of stress or anxiety. Men who have symptoms that get worse or appear more often over time should also see a doctor. Physicians may do a physical examination or blood work to help identify the underlying physical causes of ED and ask questions about the mental health and stress levels of the individual.

There may also be more tips for doctors to treat performance anxiety and ED. Together with a healthcare professional, many men are able to find a medication or procedure that helps to alleviate their problems and encourage positive sexual experience.