What Exercises Should You Do for a Better Sex Life?

I admit that I’ve led a sedentary lifestyle back in the day. I’ve gained as much as 300 lbs
and I can really say that it has put a damper on my sex life. Not only that but because I
was obese, my self-image was pretty low as well.

Having a healthy body always equates to better sex life. This doesn’t mean that you
have to have a chiseled physique to get better at sex. But, what I am trying to say is that
so long as you maintain a relatively healthy weight, get some regular exercise, taking
the best multivitamins for men, and also eating well-balanced meals are all recipes for

That being said, if you want to focus solely on the right exercises that can help improve
your sex life, then you’re going to want to read the entire article to find out.

Perform Lower Back Exercises

Men should pay particularly close attention to exercises that strengthen the lower back.
That is because men are usually put in a position where their lower backs are
somewhat in effect (and some positions might compromise men who have weak lower

Fortunately, there are plenty of exercises out there that can strengthen your southern
hemisphere. You can do Yoga, lying leg raises, hip hinges, and even deadlifts (though,
you’re going to want to have a personal trainer teach you the proper form to avoid

Ab Exercises

Aside from that fact that it can help tone your abdomen, ab exercises can actually
strengthen your core muscles which will take into effect to help maintain your stability.

There are tons of sex positions that would fire up your core muscles so you want to
make sure that you strengthen them at all times.
That being said, some of the best ab exercises include bicycle crunches, sit-ups,
planks, open leg rockers, and so much more.

Arm Exercises

Your biceps and triceps are going to be crucial for sex positions that would require your
partner to be on top of you as it can help give them balance and stability while they’re
riding on your D.

Anyway, if you want to target your biceps, I truly suggest that you think about bicep
curls as curling exercises are the only ways to effectively hit the biceps for optimal

For hitting the triceps, think about performing activities that will require you to push
things. Think about doing the bench press, triceps push down, etc.


Being one of the best compound exercises out there, the squat can effectively target
your legs and glutes, among other muscle groups. Because you can effectively load up
on weights, you can also help promote muscle definition, as well as help in the
increased production of testosterone.

That being said, there are a lot of variations of squats, but I suggest that you begin by
doing the traditional squat. If you can, start loading up on weights but only increase it if
your muscles are already built for it.